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Teacher and Student

Services Offered


Informal measures, along with formal standardized speech and/or language assessment(s) will be chosen based on the history and information gathered from you during the free phone consultation. The assessment will allow the speech-language pathologist to better understand the areas of challenge and help create an individualized treatment plan.

Speech and Language Therapy

We are currently providing services to pre-school and school-aged children, in the areas of early intervention, articulation and speech sound disorders, receptive and expressive language delay, pragmatic (social) language, literacy (reading and writing), executive functions skills (planning, organization, working memory, metacognition), and pre-school fluency (stuttering).

Caregiver Coaching

Caregiver involvement is vital to the overall process and carry-over of skills. We will always take the time to coach and provide guidance so you feel confident in implementing the strategies at home. Coaching is also a vital aspect of early language intervention and we will work with you every step of the way to ensure you are equipt to be a successful language facilitator for your child.

Ontario Autism Program Provider

We provide evidence-based clinical services to children and youth on the autism spectrum. Our founder and speech-language pathologist, Jennifer Tai, is on the voluntary directory of clinicians who meet the required qualifications to provide autism services through the Ontario Autism Program. Being a neurodiversity affirming practice, we take a strength-based approach to build rapport with the children and youth that we work with. We value collaboration with the child's team and prioritize family involvement and capacity building. Services are delivered or supervised by a qualified SLP. For more information regarding services covered by OAP, click here

In-Home Speech Therapy

We are currently providing in-home services to families living in Stouffville, Aurora, Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill and surrounding areas. This is a convenient method of receiving services because we bring all the materials to you and saves you and your family time from having to travel. All materials are sanitized before our arrival and proper PPE are worn when necessary.

Virtual Speech Therapy

The virtual services offered by us meet the standards of our regulating college to allow us to provide you with a safe and effective method of learning. We take steps to ensure security and confidentiality of information. As well, we will always review the benefits, risks, and limitations of virtual care with you before we proceed with this method of service. We are able to provide a 15 minute trial session to determine if virtual services are appropriate. 

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